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MacLellan Intergraded Services has been in a partnership with Snelling Staffing Services based in San Antonio, TX since November 4th, 2011. Snelling Staffing provides our organization with a variable workforce in both the Paint Shop and Body Welding departments. On average, Snelling provides our operation with 1,300 weekly variable workforce hours.

Our Plant has extensive experience working with a variety of staffing agencies over the years and we’ve had various levels of satisfaction from each individual service. When we began working with Snelling San Antonio we were confident they would be a quality resource but had no idea they would exceed all expectations and outperform our current staffing vendors. Over the span of our relationship with Snelling we’ve had at least five other secondary staffing “partners” that mostly under-performed for a variety of reasons and have since been removed from our portfolio of vendors. We now give Snelling the majority of our variable staff business with only one secondary provider.

Snelling has beaten the competition by providing an exceptional level of quality workforce, service, organization, time management, and quality assurance. We’ve been astounded by their level of consistency and general competency.

MacLellan has spent over a decade supplying some of the world’s top manufacturers with critical industrial process and facility support services. Due to the outstanding work by Snelling San Antonio we’ve made the decision as an organization to make them the new standard. All future staffing partners in our markets which Snelling cannot affect will have to mirror their processes and efficiencies to satisfy our needs.

We are proud to call ourselves partners with Snelling San Antonio.

W. Douglas Chambers, P.E. - MacLellan Integrated Services

You guys have found me super high quality people.  I have wasted tens of thousands of dollars on hiring and training untalented people causing employee turnover.  These skilled individuals you have sent me have far exceeded my expectation and are proving to be extremely valuable to my company.  This is only 1 thing of many that has made my decision to use Snelling. Lots of praise!  Gracias

Logan Skidmore, President, The Credit Repairman

I contacted Snelling to assist me in my office in San Antonio. I had used a Snelling in Corpus Christi and was very impressed. Once I contacted the office in San Antonio I was even more impressed. I worked with a Staffing Manager and he was right on when matching an individual with my office needs. The physicians that worked with this employee were also impressed and had even suggested keeping her if we could. Since then we have utilized the same individual in our San Antonio office and could not be more pleased. Matt, Gloria and the entire Snelling office I feel have gone over and beyond to accommodate me and my needs in San Antonio. I would highly recommend Matt and Snelling to any other business in San Antonio in the need of assistance for temporary work. To Matt, Gloria and the entire Snelling office GREAT WORK and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Maria M. Benson, MS, DEC of Texas, Inc.